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123 Metronome Steps

  1. Click Play above to start the sound. Choose from four beats.
  2. Adjust the Tempo using the plus/minus arrows on the metronome body
  3. Turn up the volume to your liking and start practicing.


This here metronome helps you find the beat. Dial up some perfect rhythms and play along.

Here at 123Metronome.com we believe in total simplicity. The metronome is the first step in mastering tempo.

Use this app at home or on your smartphone. This 123Metronome.com site was made to be a free online source of metronomic tempo tools. The goal is for musicians of all skill levels to have a great resource for perfect beats. This helps musicians find the speed of their new song. Of course, you'll need musical skills to make it work! Try and explore different patterns and see if it sparks a song or two. Over time, these patterns and tempos become second nature. Stay in time when playing music and become a better musician by studying tempo and grooves in popular songs. Whether you play the guitar, piano or drums, this tool is key to improving sense of timing. It's important to "lock in" to the groove and this device is the ultimate interactive tool.

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